Coffs Skydivers

Leap out of a plane more than 4 km above the gorgeous North Coast with Coffs City Skydivers. You’ll experience the thrill of freefalling towards the Coffs Harbour coastline at more than 200 km/h for about 70 seconds before the parachute opens. Then float back to land on the white sands of a beach in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, as waves curl on to the shore. Coffs City Skydivers also has the intense rush of low-altitude skydiving. You’ll jump out of a plane just 1830 metres above the coast.

You can combine your skydive with other adventures. Open seven days a week, Coffs City Skydivers has a packaged experience called the Aussie 6 Pack. Designed for backpacker travellers, it includes skydiving and other thrilling activities. You can scuba dive, swim with dolphins, learn wilderness survival skills, stand-up paddle board, surf, snorkel and in season, watch whales. From Sydney, you can travel by train to Coffs Harbour. Qantas and Virgin Australia service Coffs Harbour’s airport.